Stromboli Welcome tray NaturalStromboli Welcome tray NaturalStromboli Welcome tray Natural
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Stromboli Welcome tray Natural

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The Stromboli Natural Welcome Tray with drawer is a perfect addition to any hotel room. The tray is ideal for presenting the kettle, coffee machine, and capsules, ensuring that your guests have a comfortable and convenient stay. The tray includes two cable cut-outs for the kettle and coffee machine, allowing for a neat and organized presentation.

Crafted with a water-repellent material, the Stromboli Natural Welcome Tray with Drawer is easy to clean and maintain. It's built to withstand the demands of frequent use while still maintaining its beauty and elegance. The multi-purpose drawer provides ample space for storing capsules, teabags, and amenities, ensuring that everything your guests need is within reach.

Upgrade your hotel room experience with the Stromboli Natural Welcome Tray with Drawer. Order now and let your guests indulge in a luxurious and comfortable stay.


  • luxurious natural sand colour fabric and stitching
  • Elegant and functional rectangular design
  • Including 2 cable cut-outs for kettle and coffee machine
  • Suitable to place capsule machine and kettle
  • Multi purpose drawer to store capsules, teabags and amenities
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