Bromo Condiment Box ClassicBromo Condiment Box Classic
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Bromo Condiment Box Classic

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Elevate your tea or coffee experience with the Bromo Classic Condiment Box from Bentley. Crafted with luxurious classic brown fabric and stitching, this functional accessory is perfect for storing capsules, teabags, and sticks in its three compartments. The removable capsule divider allows you to customize the box to your liking, while its water-repellent material ensures a years long lifetime.

Designed with an elegant look, the Bromo Classic Condiment Box adds a touch of sophistication to any hotel room. Its practical design and high-quality material make it the perfect accessory for coffee or tea lovers who want to organize their supplies while keeping them easily accessible. Order yours today and upgrade your hotel rooms.


  • Luxurious classic brown colour fabric and stitching
  • 3 compartments to store capsules, teabags and sticks
  • Removable capsules divider
  • Functional with an elegant look
  • Water repellent and easy to clean
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