Dutch design - Over 35 years of experience

Durable and user-friendly

Bentley Europe has somehow caught your eye. Perhaps you are getting to know our company for the first time, or maybe you already know our products quite well. Either way, it goes without saying that we really appreciate your interest. Did you fall head over heels for the design of their products, their reliability or their durability? Were you attracted to their innovative elements or their ease of use?

The fact is that a Bentley product will always be a sound investment. Because, if we may say so ourselves, Bentley is not just your average hotel room supplier. As a business, we have proudly maintained our international reputation in the field of innovation and design for over 35 years.

Customer satisfaction has always been the basis of the design, safety and ease-of-use of our products, both for you as the professional and for your honoured guests.

In 1985, when the first Bentley trouser press was realised, we laid down the foundation of the success of our products.

Bentley Europe is always moving forward. After the trouser press it gradually started developing other hotel room products. Our in-house designers - Helge Docters van Leeuwen and Joop Steenkamer - both make sure that the typical Dutch design features can be found in each Bentley product.


As a business, we have proudly maintained our international reputation in the field of innovation and design for over 35 years.